Experts respond to “Enough Is Enough” editorial on dietary supplements

This is a terrific response to an editorial labeling multivitamins as useless and potentially harmful. Nutrition experts conclude that multivitamins are a safe, inexpensive and effective method of filling nutritional gaps in the average, nutrient poor diet, and can potentially reduce the risk of some chronic diseases. Read on…

In an editorial published several months ago titled “Enough is Enough”, five medical doctors declared that dietary supplements were unnecessary, had no clear benefit, and might even be dangerous. Because of the controversial nature of the editorial, and because it was published in a respected journal, it received a lot of media attention.


In a new editorial published online in the same journal, Annals of Internal Medicine, four of the most respected names in public health and nutrition have responded and stated that decades of nutrition research and diet monitoring were ignorevitamin Dd to come to the misleading conclusion. The experts, representing the Linus Pauling Institute, Children’s Hospital Oakland Research Institute, Tufts University, and the Harvard School of Public Health reasoned that multivitamins help fill nutritional gaps, improve general health, may help prevent chronic disease, are generally harmless, and relatively inexpensive.

While nearly all nutrition experts agree that a balanced and nutritious diet is the best way to get essential nutrients, they also state that it is naive to ignore the fact that most people in the U.S. are not meeting recommendations for dietary intake of all vitamins and minerals and micronutrient inadequacies are more the rule than the exception.

Less than 7% of adults in the U.S. get the estimated average requirement of vitamin D and E from their diet; only 39% get enough magnesium; and only about half get the minimum recommended intake of calcium and vitamin A. Nearly three-fourths don’t get enough vitamin K, and 98% don’t get adequate potassium from their diet. The elderly, African Americans, obese individuals, and those who are ill or injured may have even more difficulty meeting minimum nutrient intakes.

In addition to simply filling in nutritional gaps and supporting normal health, the potential for micronutrients to help reduce or prevent chronic disease has shown promise. Recently, the Physicians’ Health Study II, the largest randomized controlled trial on multivitamins ever conducted, found statistically significant reductions in both cancer incidence and the risk of cataracts among male physicians taking multivitamins regularly.

The new editorial also addressed the fact that concerns over increased mortality or harm from vitamins A and E have been based on extremely high use through supplements beyond the dosages typically found in multivitamins. It is well-known that vitamin A (as retinol) should not be consumed long-term at levels above the Tolerable Upper Limit. But, in reality, only about 1% of supplement users exceed vitamin A upper limits through supplementation. The trials reporting that high-dose vitamin E supplements increase mortality have been since refuted by several more comprehensive studies.

The experts conclude – “To call the case closed; deny the value of further research; and label multivitamin and mineral supplements useless, harmful, and a waste of money is wrong, is not based on the established science for their primary indication, and misinforms the public and the medical community.”

Frei B, Ames BN, Blumberg JB, Willett WC. Enough is enough. Ann Intern Med. 2014 Jun 3;160(11):807. doi: 10.7326/L14-5011.

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Spiritualized ambition….

“We cannot live happily by spiritual sustenance alone nor by material property alone. It is only by having ambition and by crowning that ambition with the idea of service to others, either by helping them Hands individually or by working for some great cause, that you will find a spiritual reason for making money for yourself and others. To help others help themselves also spiritualizes ambition. An Almighty Power has linked us all together. When you help others you are helping yourself.”

- Paramahansa Yogananda

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Take Another Road

“A person with a new idea is a crank until the idea succeeds.”
- Mark Twain
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Don’t wait…

“Things may come to those who wait, but only the things left by those who hustle.” -Abraham Lincoln

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And most never do…

“The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why.” -Mark Twain

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Media Madness: fish oil supplements and prostate cancer

by Dr. Jonny Bowden

Reviewing the new study that’s been widely reported as showing fish oil supplements increase the risk of prostate cancer puts me in mind of a recent review of a Kenny G album:

“There’s a lot to criticize in the music of Kenny G. For example, everything.”

I found that pretty amusing. This study? Not so much.

Omega Fish

Before we get to the study itself—and we will—let’s talk about the media, whose reporting here is disgraceful, incompetent, and scientifically illiterate. Here’s an example of some of the headlines, the idiocy of which will become clear in just a moment:

“Omega-3 supplements linked to prostate cancer” (Fox News)

“Men who take omega-3 supplements at 71% higher risk of prostate cancer” (NY Daily News)

“Omega-3 supplements may trigger prostate cancer” (Nursing Times)

“Hold the salmon: Omega-3 fatty acids linked to higher risk of cancer” (CNN)

So, reading this, you might well think that researchers divided a population of men into two groups, gave one group fish oil supplements and the other a placebo, and found that the ones who took the fish oil supplements got way more prostate cancer than the ones who didn’t. Right? Wrong.

The Truth About The “Fish Oil” Study

The first thing you need to know is that no fish oil supplements—or any other kind of supplements, for that matter- were given in this study.


How do you explain the fact that reporter after reporter and news outlet after news outlet equated higher blood levels of DHA with “fish oil supplement taking”? There’s almost no other explanation other than a strong anti-supplement bias and a desire for shocking headlines. And any doubt about the objectivity of the researchers should have been abandoned after one of them—Dr. Alan Kristy told reporters:

“We’ve shown once again that use of nutritional supplements may be harmful”.

So let’s be clear. Supplements weren’t a part of the study and weren’t given to the participants. Period.

And while we’re on the subject of confounding variables consider these statistics from the study:

53% of the subjects with prostate cancer were smokers.

64% of the cancer subjects regularly consumed alcohol.

30% of the cancer subjects had at least one first-degree relative with prostate cancer.

80%of the cancer subjects were overweight or obese.

 Disgraceful, Incompetent, and Scientifically Illiterate.

Read the full article here- you’ll be glad you did. Media Madness- Fish Oil Supplements and Prostate Cancer

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Gardasil and Cervarix don’t work, are dangerous, and weren’t tested….

Dr. Diane Harper was the lead researcher in the development of the human papilloma virus vaccines, Gardasil and Cervarix. She is the latest to come forward and question the safety and effectiveness of these vaccines.

Gardasil 5

She made the surprising announcement at the 4th International Public Conference on Vaccination, which took place in Reston, Virginia on Oct. 2nd through 4th, 2009. Her speech was supposed to promote the Gardasil and Cervarix vaccines, but she instead turned on her corporate bosses in a very public way. When questioned about the presentation, audience members remarked that they came away feeling that the vaccines should not be used.

In fact, there is no actual evidence that the vaccine can prevent any cancer. From the manufacturers own admissions, the vaccine only works on 4 strains out of 40 for a specific venereal disease that dies on its own in a relatively short period, so the chance of it actually helping an individual is about about the same as the chance of him being struck by a meteorite. Why do nine-year-old girls need vaccinations for extremely rare and symptom-less venereal diseases that the immune system usually kills anyway?

Read the full article here:

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A drug recall that should frighten us all about the FDA

The FDA took a drug off the market recently and the reasons should send shivers of fear down the backs of consumers.

FDA Commisioner

The FDA announced that a generic version of Wellbutrin XL was being recalled because it didn’t work. This was not a problem with one batch- this is a problem that has been going on with this particular drug for four or five years, and the FDA did everything it could to ignore it.

The FDA apparently approved this drug, and others like it, without testing it. The FDA assumed that if one dosage strength the drug companies submitted for approval works, then higher dosages should work fine too. With this drug, the FDA was used the American consumers as their guinea pigs to see if their assumption was right. It wasn’t.


Read the full story here:

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You won’t find it there…

“Happiness is not achieved by the conscious pursuit of happiness; it is generally the by-product of other activities.” -Aldous Huxley

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From the father of medicine….

“Healing is a matter of time, but it is sometimes also a matter of opportunity.”


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